Safeguard Your Sobriety During the Storm

By Mountainside

We are anticipating the first big snow storm here on the East Coast. Storms can be extremely stressful, and for those in recovery, storms can pose as a trigger or even risk to recovery. Closed roads, schools, and workplaces can disrupt our daily schedules – including work, school, and 12-step meetings. So we need to be mindful and keep self-care at the forefront of our daily activities.

As we end up staying home for extended periods of time, stress, boredom, and discomfort can set in. The best way to stay safe and remain sober during the next big storm? Be prepared and plan ahead!

  • Prepare comfort food, sharing yummy recipes with family and friends
  • Charge electronic devices and reach out to your support network to stay connected
  • Relax, and plan to catch up on that list of books you’ve wanted to read or movies you would love to see
  • Admire the beauty of Mother Nature: get fresh air and exercise, meditate, and journal as healthy outlets
  • If you are able, check in with your neighbors, offering support in the form of a hot cup of coffee or a shovel
  • Stay grounded, and live in the moment because this too shall pass

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