What are the top nutritional tips for those in early recovery?


I would start with eating regularly. During active use, nutrition, diet, or any kind of structure usually takes a back seat. Implementing three meals a day or eating every three to four hours is really essential so you can get your system back into some kind of routine. Many times during active use, skipping meals is common, so you might lose that internal signal your body is telling you that you’re hungry. You might have very little appetite. By eating regularly, we can get back on a regular schedule that can help our body tell us in the future when we’re hungry and when we’re full.

So the first tip would be to eat regularly, and the second would be to eat balanced meals. That would mean that all your meals should have some carbohydrates, some high-quality protein, and fiber.

And lastly, when it comes to eating, it’s really important to be able to not let yourself get too hungry, and not eat until you feel too full. So a good motto to go by is: “Never hungry, never full.”

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