Christopher R.

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What TV show are you currently loving? |Shameless and The Walking Dead are neck and neck! I can’t seem to miss an episode of either show. Shameless reminds me of how I grew up and where I came from a lot, so it holds a special place in my heart.|How do you like to unwind after a long day? |Currently, after a long day at work, I have been going to the gym. It has been helping my anxiety a lot. If not, I play guitar to really tune out from everything for a little while.|What is your favorite exercise move?|None of them! Haha, I gained a lot of weight in sobriety, so just recently I went back to the gym. I love skull crushers a lot though.|What is your favorite thing to order when you are at a café or restaurant? |Hands down, I’m getting fried chicken at any cost! But I’ve been better lately, so grilled chicken and greens or salads.|Guilty pleasure at the moment?|I love going to the movies every weekend with my roommate and getting popcorn and vitamin water. The seats at our movie theater are leather recliners – ugh it’s so plush!|Favorite health or beauty tip?|1. Quit smoking! I did, and it’s the best I’ve felt ever.
2. Be yourself!|The phone app that you can’t live without?|I absolutely love SnapChat! I can’t get enough of it; my data is through the roof lately.

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