Marianna F.

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What TV show are you currently loving? |This is a hard one! I am so all over the place when it comes to TV. Lately, anything on ID Discovery has been doing it for me.|How do you like to unwind after a long day? |My favorite way to wind down is with a giant plate of food, good friends, and my pajamas. A real rough day looks the same but throw in a night shower.|What is your favorite exercise move?|I can’t lie: structured exercise is not really my thing. I really enjoy stretching and going for walks in scenic places.|What is your favorite thing to order when you are at a café or restaurant?|Anything smothered in and/or filled with cheese.|Guilty pleasure at the moment?|Candles! I literally can’t stop buying candles. I have 3 in my room – all different scents. They are super calming for me.|Favorite health or beauty tip?|Vitamins and water! I personally take “adult” gummy vitamins every morning. Keeping myself healthy makes me vibrant and alert – and to me that is beauty.|The phone app that you can’t live without?|Definitely iFunny; it’s an app that shows me funny memes all day. Absolutely fantastic.

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