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Join us for Fall Festivities at Lyman Orchard’s! We’ll enjoy snacks, apple cider, games, face painting and more before we enter the maze!

Join Mountainside for an amazing day of Fall Festivities at Lyman Orchard’s. We will enjoy snacks, apple cider, face painting, Halloween music, games, and sweet treats before we enter the maze! Make sure to dress up as your favorite 1970’s persona or in a family friendly Halloween costumes.

We’ll take a stroll through Lyman Orchard’s 1970’s Corn Maze while you’re also strolling down memory lane! This year, the theme is 1970s rock ‘n roll. (You heard right!)The Maze will be a “blast from the past” to a highly influential period if you lived through it—and just tons of fun for everyone else.

During your visit, you’ll experience several musical genres reflective of the decade and learn trivia about them all. As we navigate the maze, we’ll come upon ten posts that coincide with ten multiple-choice questions on a visitor’s “passport”—as well as unveil the top song from each year. If you provide the correct answers, you’ll be directed to continue on the right path; otherwise, you’ll get lost (which can be even more fun!). The passports have multiple themes, so you can choose the one that most interests you.

*There will be Maze Monitors stationed throughout the Maze, just in case you need assistance.)

As that little band from England put it in 1974: “It’s only rock ‘n roll … but I LIKE it!”

Important Notes:

  • Make sure your 1970’s themed costumes are warm enough in case the weather is chilly!
  • Bring camping chairs if you have them (we will provide blankets to sit on)

*This event is open to Mountainside alumni and family (This event is kid friendly and children under 16 y/o attend for free*

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