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Gratitude journaling combines mindfulness with creative expression to help you slow down and tune into your mind, body, and spirit. Allowing you to focus on the “here and now,” cultivating gratitude is a great way to reduce stress and promote positivity. During this workshop, you will learn how to be more conscious and appreciative of the good in your life, even in times of stress. Join Sharon Itkoff Nacache (The Art Therapy Practice) and Leandro Carvalho, Kendall Svanda, and Mairead Fogarty (Mountainside)for an introduction to the Open Art Studio method of Art Therapy, where you will use both creative writing and drawing as your guide to the arrival of summer.

All ticket sales will be donated to The Art Therapy Project, a nonprofit organization that helps trauma survivors heal through creativity.

Materials Needed:

All you need is whatever you prefer to write, draw, and color with. Your imagination will provide the rest!

• pens, pencils, crayons, or watercolors

• some paper (notebook, construction, printer, etc.)

About The Art Therapy Practice

The Art Therapy Practice is dedicated to guiding clients through the creative arts therapy process. Art therapists and clients work together in a supportive environment to address each client’s unique needs. The Art Therapy Practice goes beyond traditional talk therapy using the healing power of the arts. Clients might not have the language for explaining an experience. Art therapy gives access to it and a voice which, as it grows stronger, empowers positive change and insight. The client’s art portfolio becomes a record of that growth and experience.

About Mountainside

Mountainside is a dually accredited, nationally acclaimed behavioral health network providing individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We offer a full spectrum of addiction treatment programs, enabling us to guide clients through each stage of their journey and making it easy for them to access highly personalized care. By combining innovative clinical and holistic therapies with a data-driven approach, we empower our clients to completely transform their lives and achieve long-term recovery.

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