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Join us for a day of fun wellness activities and educational lifestyle workshops designed to help you make self-care a priority.

Whether you need some financing tips to make that dream vacation happen or want to learn how to create an at-home oasis, this is an event you won’t want to miss. We’ve rounded up wellness, lifestyle, and mental health experts to help you master self-care and start cultivating a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.


Financing 101 : Tips for Financial Success with Lukasz Wieczorek & Nika Lane

Creating a financially secure life can seem like a daunting task. During this segment, you will learn how to set short and long term goals, improve your credit score, and better manage your paycheck.

Spreading Joy: Letter Writing Workshop with Mairead Fogarty

We could all use a little cheer sometimes. Spread goodwill by writing a letter of encouragement to a stranger battling addiction or a loved one who might need some extra love right now.

Take Five: Using Your Senses to Ground Your Mind with Sage Hahn

Wish you could unwind and relax on a moment’s notice? Learn grounding techniques to help you quickly reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and let go of negative emotions.

Deep Breaths: Using Breathwork to Manage Stress and Anxiety with Jana Wu

Move out of your mind and into your body. Learn easy breathing techniques that you can apply any time you feel anxious or stress.

Music for Recovery: Interactive Concert with Kathy Moser

Enjoy a mini concert filled with songs all about recovery and wellness by award-winning songwriter Kathy Moser from Music for Recovery.

Schedule is subject to change.


Lukasz WieczorekLukasz is Mountainside’s Chief Financial Officer. Prior to working at Mountainside, he built a small family business and worked at an accounting firm where he supported clients across a range of industries. He is an expert at budgeting and planning for retirement.

Nika Lane: Nika works as an Accounting Manager at Mountainside. She is particularly knowledgeable about student loans and how to get the most out of your paycheck.

Mairead FogartyMairead is Mountainside’s Senior Wellness Coordinator. She has a bachelor’s in health education and is passionate about helping individuals form connections through fitness and spiritual practices. At Mountainside, she runs our Recovery Through Writing workshop which allows clients to explore their feelings and emotions in a creative and cathartic way.

Sage Hahn: Sage is an Administrative Assistant to Mountainside’s Clinical Department. Outside of work, Sage enjoys any opportunity to be creative – whether it is writing or crafting. She particularly enjoys combining art and wellness as a method of destressing.

Jana WuJana is the Program Manager of Outpatient Services for Mountainside’s Chappaqua location, as well as Co-Chair of the National Association of Social Workers-Connecticut. She incorporates wellness practices such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork into her sessions to help individuals build resilience, learn to block out external stressors, and better process their emotions.

Kathy Moser: Kathy is the founder of Music for Recovery. She is an award-winning songwriter and a person in long-term recovery. She’s known for her dynamic and insightful performances and is passionate about sharing her songs to help spread awareness and hope.


This will be a virtual event using Microsoft Teams. While you can use Microsoft Teams on a browser, we recommend downloading the free desktop or phone app for the best experience. Please be sure to do so prior to the event.

You will receive the link to the Microsoft Teams meeting via email prior to the event.

This event, while created for individuals in recovery, is appropriate and open to everyone because #selfcarematters!

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