These workshops will work towards specific areas of development and provide support to you as a family member.

Addiction impacts the whole family as a system, not just the person struggling with the condition. Providing unconditional love and support for your loved one during these difficult times can be overwhelming and highly stressful. At mountainside, we believe in supporting and strengthening the family as we understand your selfless endeavors saving your loved ones comes at a cost, the cost of family’s own wellness.

Our virtual family wellness workshop is one of our many efforts to directly provide support for the families without any added cost. It is a monthly series of workshops that will provide space for the family members to safely ask questions, share and learn about some of the most pivotal aspects of recovery and addiction treatments.

The workshop series is offered two times a month from 5 – 6 pm throughout the year. The topics for the workshops range from the Neurobiology of Addiction to Healing Relationships. There are no commitments involved for the series, you may choose to do it all or the one that fit your needs the most. After each workshop, Mountainside has a virtual Support group available at 6:30 pm for you to attend in conjunction with the workshop to help create a supportive environment for you and building a network of shared experiences.

The Family Roles workshop will help families in better understanding the impacts of stress and the roles each member takes on to find balance for themselves. This will be done through review of the many characteristics of people in families with high stress. At the end of this part of the workshop, participants should be able to describe the different family roles observed in families with high stress, the specific roles they take on in their current family dynamics, and roles they occupied in their family of origin, as well as behaviors associated with these roles.

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