Addiction impacts the whole family as a system, not just individuals in recovery. Mountainside understands that loved ones who have provided unconditional love and support through difficult times may also need additional resources and support, too. So, we’ve created a free, bi-monthly Virtual Family Wellness Workshop to provide space for family members to safely ask questions, share & learn about pivotal aspects of recovery, and build a support network. This Virtual Family Wellness Workshop is offered twice a month and topics range from the “Neurobiology of Addiction” to “Healing Relationships.” You can attend all of the workshops, or pick and choose individual topics that are most relevant to you and your loved ones.  Virtual Family Wellness Workshops are open to the public. Use the Eventbrite forms at the bottom of this page to donate any amount to the Mountainside Scholarship Fund to register.

This workshop is meant to share different ways to practice wellness for self care. Here we will explore practical ways to maintaining family wellness by learning different mind-body oriented activities important in fostering stability and resilience in ourselves.