About This Event

This is an exciting time for our Mountainside Alumni Ambassadors! We need your help in strengthening and expanding offerings for the Mountainside Alumni Network, and your opinions are vital to this effort. Please join us on the third Tuesday of every month for our official Ambassador Steering Committee Meetings. This monthly meeting will be a time for Alumni Ambassadors to help steer events, as well as other Alumni offerings. Come prepared to brainstorm, and share your creative ideas with the group!


How to Join the Event

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Upcoming Dates

About Our Events:

We welcome you to join us in a variety of events.  “Community” events help to promote holistic wellness.  “Alumni” events encourage our alumni to connect with each other and stay firmly planted in their recovery journeys.  “Professional” events allow individuals to stay up-to-date on the latest addiction and recovery research and trends.

All events, unless otherwise noted, are open to everyone.


From open mic nights and art lessons to life skills classes and professional workshops, we provide the community with opportunities to have fun, make connections, and discover new ways to grow and cultivate wellness.