Come explore Mountainside Chelsea and participate in our weekly event, Recovery To Discovery.

About this Event

Each Wednesday night join us for a peer-to-peer support group with guest speakers sharing their experiences on a broad array of inspiring and engaging topics.

On this week’s schedule- Working It Sober: Handling High-Risk Employment

Many of us have had jobs in and out of recovery that were rife with risk and temptation, and those unhealthy options served our addiction well while we were still using. In sobriety however, many find the potential pitfalls to be too much, while others thrive in these challenging environments without the old chemical crutches.

This week, we’ll be discussing healthy ways to make a living in recovery, and the tools available to help us do so.

Date: 2/19

Time: 7:00 – 8:30PM

Location: Mountainside Chelsea

For questions please contact Martin M. 917.232.4067