About this Event

Presented by: Gooding Wellness and Mountainside Treatment Center


This workshop helps reduce stress by combining modern and ancient self-reflective tools of introspection, meditation and transformation Auricular acupuncture Heart centered meditation.

We all have our own guidance system, a deeper intelligence that can help us move through our journey of personal discovery. When this intelligence is sought, we quiet our minds, move past the clutter, deactivate the automatic responses, and get to a clarity that is needed for forward movement and a more satisfying and meaningful life – as defined by you! When we dip into this part of ourselves, new ways of seeing and being emerge.

What is the purpose or intention of this gathering?

Ultimately, it is to create a group experience that encourages the use of mind, body and spirit for personal evolution and transformation and to manage, reduce or eliminate fears and anxieties that keep us from growing.

How is Acupuncture utilized in the group?

Auricular acupuncture will be offered for those who are interested. The NADA Protocol will be used to quiet the mind and nervous system and to facilitate “landing” in the present moment. This is followed by a guided heart centered meditation and discussion.


Colleen Garvey, LCSW-R, L.Ac is a seasoned psychotherapist and licensed acupuncturist with a long history of assisting those struggling with anxiety, depression, and addiction and is dedicated to helping others to live a heart directed life.