Come explore Mountainside Chelsea and participate in our weekly event, Recovery To Discovery.

About this Event

Each Wednesday night join us for a peer-to-peer support group with guest speakers sharing their experiences on a broad array of inspiring and engaging topics.

On this week’s schedule: Imagine That – Creativity in Early Sobriety

A person who suffers from substance use disorder often has little time for or interest in creative endeavors. For many, active addiction is a full-time job and does not allow for leisurely activities that require concentration and imagination. Early in sobriety, many rediscover forgotten talents or find new interests that, while using, held no interest to them.

Tonight we’ll be talking about getting back to creative and imaginative activities that active addiction put a stop to, and also about some brand new activities we discovered in the process of recovery.

Date: 04/22

Time: 7:00 – 8:30PM

Location: Mountainside Chelsea

For questions please contact Martin M. 917.232.4067