Join us on the first and third Sunday of every month for As the Page Turns, Mountainside Chelsea’s virtual book club. 

About This Event

This unprecedented public health crisis has made it imperative that the recovery community stay connected socially and stimulated intellectually. What better way to solve this modern quandary than with a virtual book club?

Join us this week as we discuss Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home: No-nonsense advice that will inspire you to Clean like the Dickens. If the name rings a bell, YES, this is THE Mrs. Meyer, namesake of the wildly popular line of cleaning products we all know and love.

More About the Book

When Thelma Meyer tells it to you, she tells it straight: Clean the kitchen daily! Don’t waste anything (not even the water left over from those potatoes you just boiled)! Always work hard! This philosophy meant that when Thelma’s daughter Monica founded Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products (named after her mom), the products were designed to work hard for you.

Now for the first time, Thelma’s sage advice is being made available in this revolutionary cleaning guide chock full of practical tips and secrets based on the premise that life is hectic and messy — so keeping your house clean and nice is the only sensible thing to do. With shortcuts and tips for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home contains unexpected advice such as:

  • Never use vinegar and water on wood floors. One part dish soap and four parts water is the only way to truly get them clean. And remember to buff with a terrycloth towel.
  • Wash windows on a cloudy day to avoid the nasty streaking that happens when the sun’s out and glass dries too fast.
  • Always clean out the fridge before grocery shopping.


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