About This Support Group

Come enjoy an evening with peers in recovery. In this recovery support meeting you will listen to a speaker, then participate in a Q&A panel. Each speaker has a minimum of 6+ months of sobriety and is willing to share their story and answer questions related to their recovery.

To Be a Speaker

In order to speak you MUST meet the following criteria:

  • 6+ months of sobriety
  • Have an established recovery network
  • Willing to share your recovery story in detail
  • Willing to answer questions and respond to comments about your recovery story

IF YOU MEET THE ABOVE CRITERIA, email us at alumni.services@mountainside.com to get on the Speakers List.

Support Groups

It is often said that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection. Having a strong support system is paramount to your sobriety and recovery journey. At Mountainside, we offer a wide range of in-person and virtual support groups for individuals in recovery and friends and families with loved ones in recovery. These groups are designed to help you stay connected to like-minded individuals regardless of where you are.

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