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_**Warning:** This piece contains some profanity._|By Missy D.

Today was so great. It was kinda hard to let myself be happy in the beginning, but a lot easier later. I had fun chopping the wood for the fire and just helping everyone out. I put down some wood to make a path so we didn’t get as muddy. It was so nice to contribute. Playing softball was super fun! Shannon and Karina are good players so it was great! I almost got smacked right in the face and I had to do some matrix shit! Lugging all the shit up the mountain was actually fun too. Still sore from the gym but it felt so good.

I’m just now embracing who I really am. This time around I can feel the force in me pulling me forwad. I’ve realized I was living with my eyes wideshut. I literally felt them open while sitting in the woods. I am so lucky, blessed to be here and be alive again. This icy waterfall I’m engaging with speaks to me. The water is raging just like how life can be, but there is so much power and beauty within it. You always have a choice — fight the current or let it run wild, open, and free.

The balance I’ve just so newly found will stay with me for life, just as this memory of sitting on this fallen tree up in the mountains by this amazing waterfall, with the sun shining through the clouds and crisp air brushing my face.

I’m so proud to say I’m no longer “stuck.” I’m as pure and open as the bright crystal blue sky above me. And that’s all I needed to allow myself to be freed.

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