Holistic Drug Rehab Center & Addiction Treatment in CT

At Mountainside, we refer to our treatment center as a “holistic drug rehab center” because our wellness plans care for the client’s mind, body, and spirit in addition to symptoms of the addiction. In fact, our treatment center in Connecticut was one of the first rehabilitation centers in the country to incorporate the healing benefits of holistic practices into our drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation plans. Since that time, Mountainside’s treatment strategies have been nationally recognized as some of the most advanced and effective in the field of rehabilitation and recovery.

The Mountainside Labyrinth

What Sets a Holistic Drug Rehab Center Apart?

Mountainside’s holistic drug rehab center is located on more than 60 private acres near the foothills of the Berkshire Mountain range. Our secluded location is actually an integral component in the delivery of our holistic programs.

Unlike other types of rehabs where a client can be at greater risk of outside interference and temptations, Mountainside’s wooded location removes the client from their usual environment. Our campus sits nestled among the native hardwood trees and lush natural foliage where our clients enjoy a soothing soundtrack of birdsong and breeze. The setting perfectly complements the inner-growth and deep introspection so often experienced through their holistic programs.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Mountainside’s Holistic Treatment Programs

At the core of every client’s personalized treatment strategy is a thorough evidence-based program that consists of traditional and proven rehabilitation techniques. These treatment methods include counseling, 12 step education, family wellness, relapse prevention, and more.

But, at Mountainside, we also interweave highly effective holistic programs into our wellness plans in order to provide our clients with a more complete recovery experience. Our holistic treatment approaches include:

• Acupuncture
• Daily exercise
• Meditation
• Tai Chi
• Yoga


These holistic programs help our clients accomplish stronger recovery results because they specifically target the mind, body, and spirit. For example, the Eastern practices of yoga and tai chi help our clients become more in-tune with how their bodies move and function while daily exercise helps them regain the strength that their drug use has stolen from them. Meditation provides our clients with the concentration and deep introspection they need to overcome addiction-related mental challenges and stresses. Meanwhile, acupuncture provides a natural, healthy, and highly effective way of managing the painful symptoms of withdrawal.

Adventure-Based Treatment Initiatives

Our wooded retreat-style setting is peaceful and beautiful, but it also serves as an important part of our adventure-based initiatives. Whereas our clinical and holistic treatment programs offer a comprehensive recovery strategy, our adventure initiatives are designed to help our clients overcome certain real-world challenges through engaging in select physical activities.

Adventure-Based Treatment Rope Course

From hiking along our scenic trails to taking on our impressive low ropes course to partaking in our Native American sweat lodge ceremony, our clients find themselves reaching new mental, physical, and spiritual heights that were previously unattainable while under the influence of drugs or alcohol..

When combined, Mountainside’s treatment strategies unite to create one of the most effective, innovative, and comprehensive addiction wellness plans in the country. If you or a loved one is looking for a holistic drug rehab program that works, call us today at 860-824-1397. We have Admissions Representatives standing by ready to assist you. Call now and get started on your journey toward recovery.