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Welcome to Mountainside

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Mountainside! Keep reading for information on our continuum of care, new Healthcare Professionals Program, free support groups and wellness workshops, downloadable resources and more.


About Mountainside

If you’re seeking optimal care for your clients, look no further than Mountainside. Our facilities are renowned for their customizable and evidence-based treatment programs, with a strong focus on holistic care. We understand the importance of treating the individual, not just the symptoms. Our skilled, multidisciplinary team works tirelessly to ensure your clients achieve long-lasting recovery. By choosing Mountainside, you’re not only providing your clients with an exceptional healing environment but also a lifelong support system.

Mountainside’s Continuum of Care

Mountainside empowers the individuals in our treatment programs to get educated and find the path to recovery that works best for them.  We offer a synergistic approach to treatment by collaborating with referring professionals as clients transition through rehabilitation programs. Extensive aftercare services are designed to help clients continue to develop life-long skills, stay connected to a sober network long after they leave the Mountainside campus.Continuum of Care

Our Continuum of Care Includes the following:

Detox – Our expert medical team provides 24/7 care to help clients manage withdrawal symptoms, while recovery education and counseling help them to better understand addiction and how to overcome it.

Residential – An intensive 35-day inpatient program where your client will gain the tools needed to maintain long-term sobriety. Removed from the stress, triggers, and temptations of everyday life, our serene campus is the perfect backdrop for clients to fully engage in recovery.

Extended Care – This 90-day residential program provides a structured environment to help clients develop the fundamental skills required to prevent relapse and live a happy sober lifestyle. Support from addiction treatment professionals and a community of peers will provide the motivation to stay on track with recovery.

Outpatient Services – When it is difficult to take time away for addiction treatment, Mountainside offers convenient and effective solutions. Your clients can access flexible outpatient services with in-person and virtual program options in many locations including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Recovery Coaching – In the first 365 days of the recovery journey, Recovery Coaching provides clients with a knowledgeable partner, mentor, spiritual guide, and support system to help adjust to a new sober lifestyle. Through constant communication, clients form a strong partnership with coaches to work through any challenges as they arise.



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New! Healthcare Professionals Program

Mountainside’s Healthcare Professionals Program is designed to meet the needs of physicians, nurses, dentists and other medical specialists who require support in addressing the unique substance use and co-occurring disorder challenges they face. Our team of board-certified addiction psychiatrists, psychiatric APRNs, masters-level clinicians as well as expert wellness practitioners come together to create a hyper-focused treatment plan to help you build a solid and sustainable foundation for recovery.

For more information, download our Healthcare Professionals Program Fact Sheet

Michael Sigovich at call 203 520 1498
Kristen Kahler at, call 860 362 5220



Free Resources: Support Groups and Workshops

At Mountainside, we offer a range of free resources for individuals in recovery and their loved ones. Our support groups to virtual wellness workshops provide a supportive community and valuable tools to help people struggling with addiction to achieve long-term sobriety and maintain healthy relationships with their loved ones.

Support Groups For Individuals In Recovery

Designed to empower clients on their journey towards overcoming dependence, our support groups help ensure that your clients will have access to a nurturing, judgement-free environment where they can share their experiences and build a solid support system with others facing similar challenges.



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Recovery Virtual Support Group



Peer-to-peer support meetings, open to everyone in the recovery community.


LGBTQ Rainbow Flag flying under blue skies.

LGBTQ+ Virtual Recovery Support Group


MONDAYS, 7:00 – 8:00 PM (ET)

A support group for those in the LGBTQ+ community that encourages participants to be proud of their resilience and progress.

Upset mid adult woman discusses a difficult issue during a support group meeting. A caring mental health professional comforts and speaks encouraging words to the woman.

Coming Soon! Professionals in Recovery In-Person Support Group


TUESDAYS, 6:30 – 7:30 PM (ET)

A support group for professionals in recovery to find support and strategies to maintain success in their professional and personal lives while in recovery.

drug addiction meeting

Facing Recovery In-Person Support Group


WEDNESDAYS, 6:30-7:30 PM (ET)

Peer-led group where individuals can expand their support network and connect with other individuals in recovery at our New York City Recovery Hub.

Recovery Share Night Virtual Support Group


THURSDAYS, 6:30 – 7:30 PM  (ET)

An opportunity for those in recovery to share their stories and answer questions about their journey with other members.


Laptop with Zoom meeting open and coffee mug on table.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Hybrid Support Group


FRIDAYS, 7:30 – 8:30 PM (ET)

A supportive community that holds non-judgmental meetings, where individuals share their experiences and progress in overcoming alcohol addiction.

Support Groups for Family & Friends

Supporting a loved one in recovery can oftentimes create stress and hardships that can leave people feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Our support groups for family and friends offer the opportunity for individuals can open up about the challenges that they face with their loved ones, learn how to create boundaries to ensure their well-being, and create strategies to best help the ones they care about.



Family strolling in Mountainside's Addiction Treatment Center's Courtyard

Coming Soon! Family And Friends In-Person Support Group


MONDAYS, 6:00 – 7:00 PM (ET)

Our in-person support group that offers family and friends the opportunity to create a strong support network with other people in similar situations.



A happy African American family laughing in a light-filled living room; addiction support group.

Family And Friends Virtual Support Group


WEDNESDAYS, 6:30 – 8:00 PM (ET)

A safe space for where loved ones can to share experiences, gain insights, and build connections with others on a similar path.




A man with a beard kissing a woman on the cheek; Addiction support group for spouses and partners.

Spouses and Partners Virtual Support Group



A support group specifically tailored for spouses and partners, providing an essential network of understanding, guidance, and emotional relief during their loved ones’ addiction recovery process.

Virtual Family Wellness Workshops

We’ve created a series of online family wellness workshops to provide space for family members to learn about some of the most pivotal aspects of addiction treatment and recovery, safely ask questions, and build a support network.

Parents teaching their daughter how to ride a bike; African-American family having fun outside.

Family Roles Workshop: May 17th at 5pm

This workshop will help families to better understand the impacts of stress and how each loved one can find balance for themselves, even in difficult or trying times.


Illness to Wellness Workshop: May 31st at 5pm

In the Illness to Wellness workshop, families will learn how the condition of addiction can impact functions and dysfunctions of the family system.

Mom meeting with her young child and husband in the Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center lobby

Wellness into Action Workshop: June 14th at 5pm

This workshop will explore practical ways to maintaining family wellness by learning different mind-body oriented activities important in fostering the stability and resilience in ourselves.

Picture of young family: young parents holding hands with small female child / daughter

Healing Relationships Workshop: June 28th at 5pm

The Healing Relationships workshop engages families in role plays and other exercise practices focused on key concepts in fostering healthy relationships.


Downloadable Resources

For those interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding about our programs, our booklets are available to provide additional information and answers to questions you may have. Learn More about Mountainside and our comprehensive Continuum of Care by downloading the links below.

Mountainside Overview

Mountainside Detox



Mountainside Residential

Mountainside Outpatient

Mountainside Extended Care

Mountainside Recovery Coaching

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