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Integrative Stabilization Program

Ready to transform your life with Mountainside’s Integrative Stabilization Program? This 14-day inpatient treatment option provides an accelerated reset post-relapse to help you reinforce foundational recovery principles. Ideal for those in lower levels of care, whether residing in a sober living environment, participating in outpatient services, or having returned home, our program offers a unique and customized approach.

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Solidify Your Recovery with a Comprehensive, Rapid Inpatient Program

With services ranging from immersive care and group therapy to wellness therapies and aftercare planning, Mountainside’s Integrative Stabilization Program offers a flexible and swift recharge to guide individuals into focusing on recovery.

This treatment route is designed for those who recently experienced a recurrence as well as any recovering individuals who are struggling with a stressful life change or time period in their lives. Mountainside’s Stabilization Program enables clients to explore triggers, learn emotional regulation skills, reinstate coping strategies such as journaling or exercise, and provide a heightened understanding of addiction for a sustainable recovery. Learn about the core aspects of the Integrative Stabilization Program below:

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Services Provided

This is a 14-day intensive residential format at Mountainside Canaan. We offer different levels of services allowing our clinical and medical team to provide an individualized treatment plan tailored to each client’s needs. Services and offerings include:

Group therapy sessions — Facilitated by best-in-class clinicians, these sessions offer peer support and a safe environment to share experiences.

Individual therapy sessions — Individuals can do deep inner work with a clinician to address root causes of addiction and focus on managing unhealthy thoughts and feelings.

Wellness offerings — These therapies help you become mindful and stay in the present, reducing stress and improving well-being.

Physical activities — Wellness support staff encourage outdoor and indoor physical movement for holistic healing.

Family involvement — Clinicians collaborate with family members in the therapeutic process.

Aftercare planning — Continuing care staff work with you to develop a personalized aftercare treatment plan and connects you with recovery support resources.

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Benefits of the Integrative Stabilization Program

For individuals who need extra support or are looking to heal, but wish to do so in a shortened timeframe, the Integrative Stabilization Program may be a good fit for them.

  • Comprehensive and individualized care
  • Accelerated progress with the intensity of a 14-day format
  • Inclusion of family support for a holisitic approach
  • Aftercare planning for sustained well-being

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