Tina S.

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It’s incredible when I think about it. I now have a little over five years of sobriety. I started drinking in my early teens. I spent most of my life controlled by my addiction. I could not go a day without a drink. In the end, not even an hour. I hit a hard bottom, which I am so grateful for. It brought me to Mountainside, where I learned how to live. It’s been an incredible journey. I feel I change and grow all the time. I got to this milestone by doing exactly what I was told to do: going to meetings every day, getting a sponsor, and being of service. In the beginning, I hated it. But slowly, I began to like it. Then after a couple of years, I truly loved it. My life centered around my recovery, and I went to my home group every night. I was even a GSR and DCM for AA. Every couple of months, I would go to a convention. It was wonderful to be surrounded by hundreds of people just like myself while listening to these incredible speakers.

Another key to my success is that I have continued to stay close to Mountainside. I am an ambassador and would go to all the alumni events. I would go back to Mountainside and share my story whenever I was asked. Since March, things are very different. I am alone most of the time. I stay connected with my recovery friends, but it’s not the same as seeing them in person. To help the time pass, I exercise every day and hike on the weekends. Luckily, I have built a strong foundation for my recovery. I was told early on if you are not moving forward, you will slowly slide backward. I know that I am only one slip away. I must always work on my recovery and never let my guard down. Thank you, Mountainside, for all you to keep us connected during this difficult time, and I cannot wait for the day when we are all together again.

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