All You Need Is Love

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Loving myself is not something that comes naturally. Each morning when I wake up, the first thought that usually comes to my mind is negative. I don’t know why this happens it just does. I am programmed to be a negative Nelly. I have to lay in bed with my eyes closed and refocus my thoughts on something positive before my feet even hit the floor. This is the first act of love that I do for myself each day.

Self-love in my opinion is the most important type of love. To increase my self-esteem, I have to do things that feed my well-being. Feeling good about myself goes hand in hand with love. Nurturing the love that I have for myself is done through surrendering each day, eating as healthy as possible (while still indulging from time to time), exercising (even when I don’t want to), listening to my inner voice who usually knows what she is talking about, and helping others.

I recently read a line in the Narcotics Anonymous book, It Works How and Why, that resonated with me, “Helping others is perhaps the highest aspiration of the human heart…” However, if I don’t take steps to take care of me, then I don’t have the energy, patience, or tolerance to be available for others. For me, being present to support another human being gives me the greatest sense of worth.

Maybe it sounds cliché but the Beatles said it best, all you need is love.

Mountainside Launches Expert Video Series

Members of our community who are hungry for key insight on topical issues in addiction and treatment have a new resource: our Expert Video Series. We’ve invited experts across Mountainside to answer a variety of questions and share the incredible knowledge they have.

We kicked off the series with our Medical Director, Dr. Randall Dwenger, who shared his thoughts about the application of medical marijuana in the treatment of opioid addiction. Throughout his 30-year career, Dr. Dwenger has built extensive knowledge in addiction treatment and is skilled in psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and individual psychotherapy services. He understands the urgency of the opioid epidemic, and the need for answers to the crisis. See what Dr. Dwenger has to say about the issue here.

Share Night Volunteers & Family Wellness Speakers
William P. Wading River, NY 2092 days
Caitlin M. Falls Village, CT 567 days
Caitlin O. Falls Village, CT 454 days
Elizabeth C. Gloucester, MA 426 days
Patrick M. Great Barrington, MA 377 days
Gary K. North Canaan, CT 348 days
Nicholas M. Wappingers Falls, NY 190 days
Please email us if you are an alumni with 6 months of sobriety and are interested in sharing your story at a Share Night or if you are an alumni with 1 year and would like to speak at our Family Wellness Workshop.
February Milestones

Click here to see all of the February recovery birthdays! If you have a milestone coming up next month, [email us]( your first name, last initial, city, state, and how long you’ve been in recovery.

You're Invited: A Street Cat Named Bob

We are proud to join the Berkshire International Film Festival’s Reel Friends Film Society and Berkshire Humane Society’s Purradise for two special screenings of _A Street Cat Named Bob_!

Based on the international best seller, _A Street Cat Named Bob_ tells the true story of James Bowen, a young British street singer struggling with addiction and his remarkable road to recovery thanks to the unexpected arrival of a stray ginger tom cat. When the cat won’t leave James’ side he names him Bob and the heartwarming partnership becomes the key to James’ recovery.

We will be sponsoring two screenings of the movie, and our very own Alumni Relations Manager, Jessica Dunn, will be representing us at the screening. She will be speaking at post-screening Q&A sessions. She will be joined in the discussion by the film’s director, Roger Spottiswoode (_Turner & Hooch, And The Band Played On, Tomorrow Never Dies, Shake Hands with the Devil, etc._), and the film’s screenwriter Maria Nation.


**Wed., February 8, 7PM**
at the Beacon Cinema, Pittsfield

**Thurs., February 9, 7PM**
at the Triplex Cinema, Gt. Barrington

We have **a limited amount of free tickets** to each screening for our alumni. [Email us](, if you’d like to claim a seat!


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