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Establishing a support system in my early recovery was an important – if not the most important – component of my long-term commitment to recovery. I remember being resistant to this piece of the puzzle time and time again. I thought I was different, that I did not need anyone to help me. What I eventually figured out was that everyone needs help in life.

Planting my roots was not easy. I had a difficult time opening up to people. I was shy, quiet, angry, and uncomfortable. It took practice, going out after meetings, sitting through my uneasiness. Eventually, I found a sponsor and friends who provided me guidance and support.

Today, I have many branches to my support system. I keep myself connected to a 12 Step fellowship. I do this so that I don’t lose touch with where I came from. When I do have a major life event happening, I can walk into that room and not feel like I am “new” all over again. I have also recently started connecting with a life coach, going to a women’s circle, and building a community around my fitness. The more leaves on my tree, the better. Keep it green!

Today, I constantly challenge myself. I put myself in uncomfortable situations on purpose. That uneasy feeling is what helps me grow. It is what pushes me to go beyond my fears and stay rooted in recovery.*

Mountainside Launches Women's Only Extended Care Program

We are proud to announce that Mountainside has recently launched an Extended Care program for women. Our women-only Extended Care program is designed to address the specific challenges women face in early recovery and help them successfully transition to real-world settings. The program offers a combination of four components that support sobriety: Community Living, Outpatient Services, Work Therapy, and sober Trips and Adventures.

With an intimate home setting, our program is designed to provide a warm, safe environment for women to practice self-care as well as connect with each other to build a support network. The beautiful, modern home also boasts an on-site gym, single bedrooms, a full-kitchen, and a large outdoor patio perfect for enjoying the upcoming fall weather.

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We are building a list of sobriety birthdays. If you’d like to have your recovery birthday featured in our newsletter please contact [Jessica Dolan](


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