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After last year’s trip to Costa Rica, I decided that I was going to make adventure and travel part of my life. I was going to get in touch with my adventurous side: see new places, meet new people, and live my life to the fullest.

Recently, I took a trip to San Diego. While strolling on the beach, I saw people paragliding, and something told me to go and do it. I woke up the next day, went to La Jolla, and placed my trust in my tandem instructor, Steve. I wasn’t afraid, not even for one moment. As soon as we ran towards the edge of that cliff and stepped off the side, it was pure bliss. For 20 minutes, flying above the ocean, I felt free. I was so happy that I listened to my inner voice, or I would have never had that experience.

My next adventure will be taking me to the Dominican Republic. And, in April, Mountainside will be taking off on the second alumni trip to Mexico, where we will challenge ourselves, volunteer, and embark on a spiritual journey. Then, in June, for my birthday, I will be going on a solo trip to the Himalayan region of India.

Last year, I woke up and realized that life is not being lived through my daydreams. That I am the creator of my own reality. So, what are you waiting for? What is that you want to do? Don’t just think it, live it! Tell us, we want to know!

Share Night Volunteers & Family Wellness Speakers
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December Milestones

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