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Anyone who knows me knows that I love recovery. I enjoy talking about my experience and am no longer afraid to let people know that I am in recovery. But it wasn’t always like that. In the beginning, I was worried about what other people thought or that I would be judged. Is there a stigma? Yes, of course there is. So, what changed for me?

What I began to realize is that if I don’t share my experience as a person in long-term recovery, how will those barriers ever break down? As someone who doesn’t view my addiction as a life sentence anymore, I can now speak out about how amazing life is because I found sobriety. I no longer fear people’s opinions but rather choose to show others through my actions what being a person in long-term recovery looks like. I actively advocate for change and support organizations that work toward having a positive influence on how people view the disease.

September is Recovery Month. There are so many opportunities to get involved and be part of the recovery movement. I encourage you to get involved on some level. You don’t necessarily need to put your face out there, but you can use your voice for the betterment of the recovery community. Organizations like Facing Addiction, Shatterproof and Above the Noise provide opportunities for you to get involved and are working to transform the way we view addiction.

Mountainside will be hosting its 4th Annual Alumni Retreat on September 15th, and we will also be renting a bus to go to the very first 100 percent sober music festival. These events are great ways to further engage with the recovery community and bond with alumni who have gone through similar experiences.

Share Night Volunteers & Family Wellness Speakers
Alex B.Stockbridge, MA230 Days
Tiffany M.North Branford, CT464 Days
Catherine G.Brooklyn, NY509 Days
Nicholas D.Stamford, CT563 Days
Kate C.Milford, CT936 Days
Shaun C.Torrington, CT979 Days
Tina S.Fairfield, CT1042 Days
Matthew C.Litchfield, CT1910 Days
Please email Jessica Dolan if you are an alumni with six months of sobriety and are interested in sharing your story at Alumni Share Night or at one of our Outpatient Programs.
September Milestones

We are building a list of sobriety birthdays. If you’d like to have your recovery birthday featured in our newsletter, please contact [Jessica Dolan](

Join us in celebrating recovery month!

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I’ve spent the last six months in a sober home and everything has been going great, but I am moving back home soon and I am worried about any triggers that may arise. What is the best way to deal with triggers in alcohol recovery?

A good way to deal with triggers is by first recognizing what they are. In the past, What has caused you to want to drink? Was it stress from work? Finances? Specific people? By knowing what triggers you, you can actively try to avoid them.

There is an acronym that…

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