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When I walked into Mountainside on July 31st, 2016, I did not know my life would change forever. I spent over four months at Mountainside from detox through inpatient and extended care and then moved out to Denver to sober living and my life took off.

I have been sober for just under five years and have been living my best life. Early sobriety was hard to navigate. I had been using drugs and regularly drinking since I was 13 years old and did not know who I was or how to live outside of my addictions. Because of my time at Mountainside, Alcoholics Anonymous, my newfound support system, and my sobriety, I live a great life today. Since I got sober, I can do things like paying my bills, have my own place, get in physical shape and excel in a professional career in the software industry.

I have become a very career-focused individual who always sets the bar higher for myself. I choose to be open about my recovery in all facets of my life, and I feel being in recovery has been the main factor in why I am so hardworking and determined in my career goals.

I have been able to rebuild relationships that I once thought were lost for good and have learned how to create healthy relationships with new people today. That is probably the biggest and most rewarding part of my sobriety.

I am heavily involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and try to help any still suffering addict or alcoholic get clean and sober so that they can see the beauty in life that I am lucky enough to see today. I try to give back to the recovery community because I know how important it is to have people help you along the way. I was told early on in the rooms that I did not have to do it alone. Without the fellowship of AA early on in my recovery, I do not know if I would have made it, so I try to do for others what was done for me.

To close this out, recovery is possible. You can have a life of your wildest dreams as long as you do the work and remember where you came from. I do not live in my past but acknowledge it and use it as fuel for my future. I am only 29, and my life is just getting started. It is only going up from here!

Michael J

Introducing our new Residential Suite, a junior suite with full-size bed, private bathroom, lounge, dining table, and workspace. Clients will enjoy maximum comfort and serenity to focus on their healing, plus additional amenities and flexibility to maintain a connection with important personal and professional commitments.

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Staff Highlight: Allegra Okarmus

Hi guys! It’s Allegra from the Continuing Care Team. I hope you’re all thriving!! If getting sober wasn’t fun, no one would do it—so make the most of this summer, get out outside, and have as much fun as you can in your recovery!


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