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Welcome to the February Alumni Connections Newsletter! In the video below, Director of Recovery Experience Pat McCarthy, sits down with Rachel White to discuss his new role at Mountainside and a few fun facts as well. As a person living in long-term recovery, Pat draws from his own personal experiences to develop strong bonds with each of his clients. He ensures each client has the highest quality experience at Mountainside both during and after treatment.

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Virtual AA Meeting: What is it? Why Should you Join?

The virtual AA meeting started in March of 2020 in response to the pandemic. We wanted to help Alumni would stay connected and remain committed to their sobriety.

The meetings are based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) complete with our reading of the Preamble, how AA can be effective, the AA Promises, and celebrating any sobriety anniversaries that occur during that month. We stress anonymity as one of the most important AA principles is to ensure all feel safe, seen, and heard, acknowledging the phrase, “What you hear here, let it stay here”.

The response to the meeting has been consistently amazing. There are countless Alumni who have expressed their gratitude for this lifeline as well as their overall experience with Mountainside’s staff and treatment. No matter if they have years of sobriety or experience a recurrence, Alumni are always welcomed back with love and support. Alumni routinely share their phone numbers, inspiration and recovery supports.

Each Friday we feature a speaker from our own Alumni community who have achieved a year of sobriety or recommended speakers from our staff in the AA community outside of Mountainside.

As the meeting leader since that time, I have seen so many Alumni transform-mind, body and spirit in ways that are incredibly inspiring. The honesty, insight, wisdom, growth, support and the genuine sense love and family have helped so many on their path including the staff! As the meeting facilitator, I consistently feel honored to be a part of such a powerful group of people striving to change their lives, mend relationships, take ownership of their past, offer service to others, and commit to becoming the people they are meant to be.

Join here this upcoming Friday.

Best, Wendy Van Buren

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