Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Rehab Wilderness Therapy

Change in Action (CIA)

A three-day, two-night wilderness-based experience during which participants focus on increased self-awareness, healthy decision-making, building positive relationships, taking personal responsibility, service work, and spirituality.

Adventure Based Counseling Hike

Hikes and Walks

Guided hikes on various scenic trails and to the peak of the mountain provide opportunities to de-stress, commune with nature, and explore inner thoughts.

Mountainside Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Instructor-led aerobic sessions incorporating interval and strength training exercises.

Adventure Based Therapy High Ropes Course

High Ropes Course

A custom-built ropes course 30 feet in the air helps clients overcome fears while also practicing cooperation, decision-making, and positive risk-taking.

Adventure Based Therapy Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes Course

A ropes course several feet in the air helps clients face adversity, build trust, and cultivate teamwork.

Adventure Based Counseling Rock Wall

Rock Walls

Indoor and outdoor rock climbing walls help clients to develop focus, determination, and body awareness.