Diane H.

February 7th, 2020

"I will only tell you where I am if you promise to take me to rehab." May 9, 2014 is the day I found out my daughter, Brittany was addicted to heroin and desperately needed help. I will always be grateful to her therapist who suggested I reach out to Mountainside. While Brittany sat quietly in the car as we made the drive to Canaan, so many events, things, and emotions went through my head. I understood I had a lot to learn, I knew I needed to be strong for her and trust that Mountainside had the expertise to heal her mind, body, and spirit.

While I was extremely nervous as I opened the doors to this rehab facility, I immediately felt a sense of calm from each individual who walked us through the process. Leaving Brittany that day reminded me so much of the feeling I had when she was five and I brought her to school for the very first time. I prayed she would learn a lot, make friends, and have a good experience. I also had a sense of loss and a fear of the unknown.

I know that the road to sobriety is a messy one filled with potholes and smooth rides. Brittany learned a lot in 30 days at Mountainside. It gave her a foundation that really started her healing process. When she left there she was feeling self-assured, but as we know, dual diagnosis addiction can have a very strong hold on one's mind. So in October of that same year, Brittany went back to Mountainside. This time it was much more difficult for her to make the ride. I think she felt like she had failed. But when we got there, they welcomed her with open arms and simply said, 'Welcome back, Brittany.' There was no judgment, no negativity; only love and understanding.

I cried driving home after both rides. But the second time, I felt more confident in her future. She really wanted to be sober. I could see it in her eyes and feel it in the strength it took for her to go back a second time.

While her road has not been easy since she left the safety of Mountainside, I am happy that today she is sober. She is an amazing woman, with a great career who has also opted to go back to school. I do firmly believe that Mountainside gave her the foundation and tools she needed to start her journey. I am very proud of my daughter and grateful that Mountainside empowered her to find a happier life.

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