Nicholas P.

January 31st, 2020

As our vehicle approached up the winding drive, my last cigarette burned my fingers, an expansive modern vista appeared on the mountainside. Seconds later I was whisked away to a private retreat with the care of professional doctors, nurses, and chefs. I found myself in a five-star resort built upon a Quartz foundation. In a modern luxe villa, I looked in the mirror and for the first time, I saw who I could be. I decided to stay because of a community built upon the heritage of pure recovery and wholesome enrichment that brought me the hope of a brighter day. I was addicted to alcohol, I was addicted to Opiate pain pills, I was an addict to suffering. Mountainside was my “Amazing Grace that saved a wretch like me.”

As I joined the residential community after 9 days in the Detox unit (which is by far the safest place to come down out of space and back home to earth). I missed me. I am FOUND. Mountainside gave me a safe place to lay my head, and heal my trauma with the help of world-class clinicians. I love the Alumni department because it offers exclusive access to community and five-star events. No expense is ever spared with Mountainside. I always feel heard at Mountainside, where I know I make a difference because I know the difference Mountainside helped me to make in myself.

Four years and four months on the righteous path of recovery! At Mountainside I participated in a Beautiful Native American ceremony where I left behind eons of terror and suffering. I am flabbergasted by the leaps and bounds I've been able to achieve since leaving Mountainside. From a sentient being without moral structure yet with the moral fibers to reconstruct the fragmented pieces of my then current reality. Today I am a Reiki Master Teacher also I am a essential oil specialist. I am a great husband, a beautiful father, a passionate thinker with the heart of expansive limitless potential. Now I am good at meeting my personal needs and I am currently working on becoming a living resource. I have created my own personal recovery network through my nicholastranscends brand, which I have created based upon spiritual concepts I have adopted only because Mountainside was with me when I reached out, and took the time to stay in contact when I didn't.

Recovery is an act of courage which in turn leads to salvation. I also quit smoking cigarettes at Mountainside in my second week. Although I did smoke two packs a day up until that glorious moment that Bill looked me in the eye and said “When you gonna quit that?!” Then it settled in and I finally realized that I was addicted to nicotine worse than the pills or the booze. With only Bill and I in the nicotine cessation class he innocently offered me wrapped candies as we discussed art and philosophies of Abraham Lincoln. We reflected together on eras gone by. Simply contemplating our existence, speaking of past reflections and future hopes and dreams. Thank you, Bill. I am eternally grateful. Sophia in Acupuncture was an essential oil extraordinaire. Her wisdom saved me from the abysmal dark pits of inner turmoil. I love you, Sophia. Sheree, you showed me that you are limitless and then I realized up on that mountain in the trees that we are one interdependent species that thrives in community and communion with all of our Mother Earth’s resources in balance and harmonics. I saw that there is a greatest good for every human being: Man, Woman, Child, and everyone else. A true blessing carved into my memory eternally.

embrace recovery embrace courage. nicholastranscends.

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