Phil M.

January 12th, 2020

Mountainside has played a major role in my successful road to recovery. I tried a year before at a different recovery center and relapsed. At Mountainside, starting with the staff in the detox department: They were the first people I met there and the word "angelic" is pretty accurate in their care and nonjudgmental treatment that they provide. They are the welcoming front door that seems impossible to pass through on your own. Thank you to Gwen and all of you, with all my heart! From there I went in...

The difference between the first center I went to and Mountainside is that they concentrated on AA and 12 Steps and Mountainside concentrates on mind, body and spirit in addition to AA and the 12 Steps. They showed me that abstinence is only a part of sobriety and the importance of therapy, a good environment, and physical fitness. These lessons all made abstaining a much easier goal to achieve. Mountainside didn’t force AA on me, rather, through meditation, small groups and personal therapy, they allowed me to choose my own path to successful sobriety. Some of the staff are in recovery as well and the fact that some staff were even clients there at one time made them accessible and understanding of the very difficult and unstable period I was going through. At the end of my stay there, I was genuinely ready and prepared to take on the life I had put on hold. The alumni organization and the aftercare they offer has proven to be priceless to me. The genuineness of their desire to keep alumni strong is almost unbelievable. But the fact that I’m still good friends with [the alumni team] is proof of that. And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Ricky in this essay for his occasional, “How ya doin, holler if ya need me” texts. Mountainside’s care and desire to keep their alumni strong and sober is 100% genuine. I am proof of that and will be eternally grateful for it.

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