Ryan M.

January 29th, 2020

My Mountainside name was “Ryan Muuuu.” That name was given to me by the great people I had the opportunity of meeting during my great stay at Mountainside. The staff was a really big part of my recovery, allowing and providing a safe and honest environment. This was huge. I was able to gain various tools for my sober toolbox. These “tools” were given not only by the staff but by the unique individuals in treatment who I had the privilege of meeting. Countless laughs on the men’s smoke porch, camping with a "great group of guys," yoga, meditation, and just the feeling of Mountainside was unforgettable. I never thought I would actually miss rehab. I developed a great network of friends and an incredible sober network that I wouldn't have gotten had it not been for this awesome place. Ian was the best clinician. He taught me how to manage a life without substances, which I honestly didn’t know was possible. Pat, Akila, Chyenne, Eedi... just everyone was great. I wouldn’t change a single thing and I am forever thankful.

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