Drugs and alcohol can slow down the normal functioning of vital organs, and in many cases cause long-term damage. Through a series of in-depth tests and evaluations, Mountainside’s team of doctors and nurses will assess the damage and formulate a treatment plan to help your body heal.

Nurse performing an HIV test on drug addict

HIV and Hepatitis C Tests

Screenings designed to determine if you are currently infected with HIV or Hepatitis C by detecting antibodies in your blood.

Nutritionist examining patient’s nutritional needs to aid in their recovery

Nutritional Assessment

One-on-one evaluation to assess the toll substance abuse has taken on your body and address your most imminent nutritional needs.

Nurse conducting pharmocogenic test as part of addiction treatment

Pharmacogenic Test

Collection of your genetic information to better understand how medications used as part of your addiction treatment will affect your body.

Doctor checking alcoholic’s blood pressure to evaluate the damage addiction has caused

Physical Exam

Medical exam to evaluate your general health and determine any degree of physical issue caused by your addiction.

Doctor administering a urine analysis to check for the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Toxicology Screenings

Breathalyzer tests and urine analysis to check for the presence of drugs or alcohol in your body, and help you stay accountable in recovery.

Doctor evaluating patient’s withdrawal from drug addiction

Withdrawal Assessment

Evaluation of addiction withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, anxiety, and depression specific to your substance of abuse and history of use.


To achieve sustainable recovery, any mental health issues present must be treated simultaneously with your addiction. Our psychiatric team will evaluate you, determine whether [co-occurring disorders]( are present, and help you properly manage them.

Addiction medication as part of a patient’s drug addiction treatment.

Medication Management

Review of all medications to help manage health issues while avoiding drug interactions or complications that hinder recovery.

Psychiatrist performing psychiatric evaluation as part of a patient’s addiction treatment

Psychiatric Evaluation

Session to determine your mental health needs, including checking for the presence of co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Psychiatrist reviewing prescription pills with addict


Workshop highlighting the benefits of medications in treating co-occurring disorders as well as proper medication management after discharge.

Medical and psychiatric offerings are available on an as needed basis.