Stephen Langley

Stephen Langley, CAC

Executive Vice President, Clinical and Cultural Stewardship

Stephen is Executive Vice President of Clinical and Cultural Stewardship at Mountainside and a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC). Prior to his career at Mountainside, he was both a Washington DC industry advocate as well as a senior level manager in the hospitality industry. For the past decade, Stephen has been a pillar in Mountainside’s growth and instrumental in creating a client-centered practice. Stephen oversees the leadership of all treatment and services teams and guides the strategic planning of client-focused projects. During his tenure, he has helped to better outcomes for not only clients but for families as well. Stephen also leads our efforts to help raise awareness and promote recovery in the community, including organizing our school outreach program. His dedication to ensuring the company’s continued growth and prosperity as well as enthusiasm for strengthening the recovery community is something he instills in every member of our team. In his free time, Stephen enjoys long distance running, meditating and traveling.