Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs - Mountainside

Medical Detox

24-Hour Care

At our addiction treatment center, individuals receive 24-hour medical care that which includes psychiatric and nursing care as well as personalized wellness and medication plans.

Medical Detox Using FitBit

Individual Attention

The small size of our program, coupled with our high staff-to-client ratio, ensures that each client receives the highest level of individual attention during their alcohol or drug detox treatment.

Detox Counseling


Individual and group counseling is used to identify the underlying issues that led to a client’s addiction.

Mountainside Acupuncture

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies such as yoga and acupuncture are used to ease pain and relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Detox Lounge

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our state-of-the-art addiction-treatment center is designed for the sole purpose of making the drug or alcohol detox experience comfortable and therapeutic.

Detox Bedroom

Serene Setting

Panoramic windows, abundant natural light, and a soothing color palette promote well-being.

Private Detox Suite

We offer a private luxury detox suite for individuals who need to accommodate a demanding professional or personal life.

  • Clinical services are offered in the suite to maintain the client’s privacy
  • The luxury detox suite features a king-sized bed, private full bathroom, dining area, work desk, lounge area, and flat-screen television
  • A private phone and a laptop enable clients to stay connected to loved ones and business associates
  • Clients have the option to enjoy in-room dining, featuring an expanded menu of healthy options prepared by our Executive Chef

Specific Types of Detox

Specific Types of Detox

Detox FAQ

Q. Can’t I just detox on my own?

A. Detoxing without medication and monitoring can be dangerous, especially if you have been using alcohol or benzodiazepines. Some of these dangers can include seizures and even death. Even if you are not at risk, you may feel extremely sick or very uncomfortable, which significantly increase your risk of relapse and cause you to start drinking or using drugs again. It is often much safer and more comfortable to detox in a medical setting.

Q. How long will detox take?

A. On average, detox takes 5 days, but can range from 3 to 10 days. However, your exact length of stay depends on a variety of factors: the substance(s) you are using, the amount of substance(s) you are using, and for how long you have been using the substance(s).

Q. Can I get a private room during my stay in detox?

A: Yes, we offer a private detox suite option for individuals that need extra privacy.

Q. What items should I bring?

A. The detoxification process is often physically and mentally draining. To make it as comfortable as possible for you, we provide you with all necessities as well as an arrange of amenities to make your stay both healing and enjoyable. For a complete list of items we provide and items you should bring, please contact our Admissions team.

Q. Can my family visit me while I’m in detox?

A. In order to enable you to fully focus on your recovery, we do not allow visitors during your stay in our detox program.

Q. How much does detox cost?

A. Each individual has different treatment needs and so cost varies based on type of treatment program and length of treatment. Whether or not an individual has insurance coverage and the type of coverage included also influences cost. To learn more about our financing options, please call our admissions team to receive a cost estimate for your specific conditions.