Extended Care Drug Rehab and Long Term Rehabilitation

Community Living

Clients live together in modern and spacious sober living houses that are within walking distance of Mountainside’s 24/7 recovery care and support. This enables clients to:

  • Gain greater self-sufficiency
  • Create a strong network of supporters who share common goals
  • Practice daily self-care and develop healthy sober lifestyle habits

View Our Men’s Sober Living House | View Our Women’s Sober Living House

Mountainside outpatient services

Outpatient Services

Clients receive intensive outpatient substance-abuse treatment, including access to psychiatric services, medication-assisted treatment and family wellness counseling. Clients learn to:

• Create a relapse prevention plan
• Recognize triggers and minimize risk
• Develop skills to support long-term recovery

Long Term Treatment Centers

Work Therapy Program

Clients work part-time at Mountainside-affiliated facilities, interacting with the local community in a real-world setting while remaining in a safe and sober environment. It provides opportunities to:

  • Practice accountability, communication, and time and money management
  • Re-enter work or school armed with new skills that are honed daily or learned through educational and skill-building workshops

Trips and Adventures

Clients participate in a variety of exciting sober activities that are designed to challenge them to go beyond their perceived limitations, discover their own path to enlightenment, face their fears, and appreciate the little things in life. These activities include:


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