Giuliana P.

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I never thought that I would experience a pandemic like Covid-19 in my lifetime, and it has truly tested my recovery, not only mentally, but also physically and spiritually. I have been in healthcare for most of my life and currently work as a manager for a large healthcare organization. I still recall the fear in my staff, nurses, and patients when the first cases of Covid-19 started to hit our country and, with that, the first deaths. Much needed medical supplies dwindled and became more difficult to find as the country went into a panic. I started to fear how I was going to keep my offices and our patients safe. “Do we have enough supplies?” “Enough masks?” “Enough gloves?” The principles I learned in recovery have become incredibly useful during this time of adversity, not only at home but at work as well. Remembering that I am not alone is key. We all have the same fears and the same concerns: “What will happen if I get sick?” “If my family gets sick?” For me, it was “When will I get to hug my family again?” Taking it a day at a time and sometimes even a second at a time, has been a tremendous help. Sometimes, I close my office door for a few minutes and say a prayer. Even if I shed a few tears in the process, that is OK. As long as I keep my sober network and my recovery first, I can make it through this. We all can.

-Giuliana P
Woodbury, CT

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