Molly D

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I came to Mountainside in May 2019 and I’ve been able to stay clean and sober by working the program on a daily basis. I have to remember I wake up every day an untreated alcoholic and addict and I need to treat my disease on a daily basis if I want to be happy, joyous and free.

I learned from experience that I can’t rely on what I did yesterday for my recovery and apply it to today. I had 19 years sober and I relapsed because I had quit connecting with God, my sober network and my sponsor. I thought “I got this.”

Well, I didn’t and ended up in a tortuous, painful relapse that I don’t wish on anyone.
Thank God, I made it back and I don’t take my sobriety for granted. It’s a precious gift I need to cherish every day.

Some of the gifts of my sobriety this year is I’ve been able to get back to in-person meetings and having outdoor parties. I’ve been to several concerts with sober friends and even went to one in Nashville. I also love going to meetings when I travel—it’s cool to see how other areas experience recovery.

I was able to run in a half marathon with my daughter which was hard and fun and a blessing. This is my daughter that was taken away from me 22 years ago when she was born because I was addicted to drugs and she was also born positive for drugs. We have a very close relationship today and I’m always able to be there for her. That would not be the case if I wasn’t in recovery.

I’m also able to accept life on life’s terms today too. Not every day is great, but I know what to do today! Two weeks ago, we found out our entire division of my company is being eliminated and we will all be out of a job by September.

I’ve worked fulltime for 20 years and have never been laid off or fired so I was definitely blindsided. I’ve had to practice acceptance and know I’m going to be ok as long as I’m sober. Move a muscle, change a thought! Get out of myself, help another alcoholic, go to a meeting, pray! I’ve been through much harder things and I’m resilient and strong and can do All Things Through God, Who Strengthens Me.

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