About This 12 Step Recovery Group

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an alcoholism support group founded for those who are looking to find a safe space, maintain accountability, and achieve sobriety. During these weekly meetings, we provide participants with the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others who are also on their road to recovery. Following the 12-step program, you will progress through each step as you learn how to reflect on your past behaviors and make amends with loved ones you have wronged.

Whether you have stopped drinking for a day, a month, or years, we want to highlight your achievements and growth. If you have reached a milestone in your sobriety and want to share with the group, you can let us know here.

At our virtual alcoholism support group, we welcome the everyone in the recovery community to join us for an evening of fellowship, sharing, and hope.

**To maintain the privacy and safety of our community, attending this 12 Step Recovery group for educational or research purposes is not permitted. However, you may find helpful information through our drug glossary and blog.**

Helpful Articles for Learning More about Alcoholics Anonymous

The first step to any journey is beginning. Read more to learn about AA and the importance of our 12 Step recovery group.

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Support Groups

It is often said that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection. Having a strong support system is paramount to your sobriety and recovery journey. At Mountainside, we offer a wide range of in-person and virtual support groups for individuals in recovery and friends and families with loved ones in recovery. These groups are designed to help you stay connected to like-minded individuals regardless of where you are.

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