Going Beyond Your Limitations

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“Once we accept our limits we go beyond them.” Albert Einstein

A few years ago, I was in the midst of the worst depression of my life. I was fighting an internal struggle that eventually pushed me into darkness. A place I never thought I could turn back from.

What I did not know then is that there were many victories along that dim lonely path. Every day, I dug deep inside of myself to muster up enough energy to place my foot on the floor and continue to go through the motions of life. Although it felt like I was suffocating, I still showed up − even if I was sitting in silence. I continued to talk with friends and family about the same thing again and again, although I am certain they were tired of hearing about it.

I am not even sure how or why it happened, but I slowly began to realize that I had to do something. That I had to act to move beyond the nothingness I was feeling. I began to start my day with saying something loving to myself, eating better, exercising, and finding gratitude. Even though I did not believe it at first, eventually I felt it.

Lo and behold, a new, polished, more vibrant Jessica emerged. Since my light turned on, I haven’t stopped. I am simply living my life. Striving for more and going for it. I view the world differently because the experience changed me forever. I know that without it I wouldn’t be who I am right now, and for that, I am thankful.

Each month, I share with you a piece of my life. Now, it’s your turn! Mountainside is launching a campaign that will give you a voice.

Let me ask you a few simple questions: Have you overcome a challenge? Did you set a goal and achieve it? What are you doing in your life today that is amazing?

Through the #GoBeyond campaign, we will be able to recognize your achievements by celebrating your successes and the steps you take every day to reach your true potential.

To learn more, come to our campaign kickoff! Can’t attend? No worries, we will have more information coming to you soon.

Share Night Volunteers & Family Wellness Speakers
Collin W. Great Barrington, MA 2364 days
Ryan G. Oxford, CT 1374 days
Suzanne M. Delmar, NY 1145 days
Ricky P. Canton, CT 846 days
Nick P. Bridgeport, CT 760 days
James G. Seymour, CT 715 days
Caitlin C. South Glastonbury, CT 320 days
Helvi K. Cromwell, CT 304 days
Please email us if you are an alumni with 6 months of sobriety and are interested in sharing your story at a Share Night or if you are an alumni with 1 year and would like to speak at our Family Wellness Workshop.
November Milestones

We are building a list of sobriety birthdays. If you’d like to have your recovery birthday featured in our newsletter, please contact Jessica Dolan.


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