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Continuing Education

Professional trainings, continuing education courses, workshops, and networking events for addiction treatment professionals, social workers, mental health counselors, and family therapists.

At Mountainside, we know that staying up-to-date on all the latest research and technologies is critical in order to provide clients with the most effective treatment possible.  That’s why we offer a variety of continuing education opportunities through events, workshops and networking events. 

All of our continuing education courses are taught by credentialed addiction and mental health care professionals.

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“Thank YOU! I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn with you. The Mountainside Virtual CE workshop I attended was a tremendously informative and well-orchestrated event. Enjoyed indeed! I am one semester away from graduating with my MSW (clinical track). I signed up for your webinar because I am taking a substance use class as one of my “final four.” I did not have any IPNB knowledge/thorough addiction as brain disease knowledge until today. Without a doubt, thanks to you, I feel better prepared tackle the class work. I hope that there will be more opportunities to learn like this with you and your team…this made me very joyful and hopeful that I am on the right path in my career choice!”

Elizabeth Tominey
University of New England
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“Thanks for providing a great workshop! [The instructor] was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and very engaging. I will certainly be using the information provided in my practice with clients and supervision of staff members. I am looking forward to the next Virtual CE workshop!”

Gordon Gooding
Gooding Wellness