Medication-Assisted Treatment FAQs

What is the length of the program?

We provide holistic, individualized addiction treatment tailored to each individual’s needs. Therefore, there is no set duration of time for our MAT program. How long you will be on Suboxone, Sublocade, or Vivitrol depends on your recovery goals and how you progress in your treatment program.

Does Mountainside accept state insurance?

We do not accept any state insurance. However, we offer a sliding scale rate for individuals whose insurance does not cover treatment at Mountainside.

Can I get Suboxone, Sublocade, or Vivitrol today?

Before beginning any treatment program, you will go through our intake process which includes tests and assessments to help our treatment team better understand your current state of health. For our Medication-Assisted Treatment program, a psychiatric evaluation will also need to be conducted before you start either Suboxone, Sublocade, or Vivitrol medication.