Are You Struggling with Substance Abuse?

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teenage boy struggling with addiction being supported by mother

Many people will experiment with drugs in their lives. But how do you know when you’ve gone from experimentation to a full-blown addiction? The line can sometimes seem blurred, but we’ve collected some posts that will help you to understand if your drug use has turned into something more alarming.

How Can You Tell If You Have an Addiction?

Watch this video, featuring our Director of Clinical Operations, Amy Sedgwick. It breaks down some of the signs of addiction that you should watch out for.

5 Things You Need to Know About Addiction

This article answers some of the most common questions surrounding addiction such as “Am I a bad person because I can’t control my addiction?” and “Why can’t I just quit on my own?” It will help to answer some of your most pressing concerns and give you some reassurance and guidance going forward.

How Addiction Changes Your Personality

Addiction fundamentally alters how your brain functions, creating a constant craving for drugs or alcohol. Along with that change, substance abuse can also warp your personality. In this article, the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol on your personality are discussed as well as substances’ potential effects on your overall well-being.

5 Common Misconceptions About Addiction

The thought that you can’t be addicted to drugs or alcohol if you have a family is one of the common misconceptions that is discussed at length in this article. Sometimes people dismiss the truth about addiction in order to deny that they are struggling with a substance use disorder themselves. Being able to separate fact from fiction will help you broaden your understanding of addiction, allowing you to empathize with those struggling with substance abuse, or even to recognize some of the symptoms in yourself.

How to Talk to Your Loved One About Your Addiction

Recognizing that you do have an addiction is one thing, but taking the next step and talking to your loved ones about it can be incredibly daunting. This brief article will break down, in simple steps, how to best approach a potentially difficult conversation with your family and friends. It will also help you manage your expectations for this conversation and plan your next course of action.

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