How do I stop my cocaine cravings?

Cravings are normal when going through cocaine withdrawal but there are a few things you can do to reduce your cravings.

Identify Triggers

Are your cravings stronger when you are in certain situations or surrounded by specific people? If so, avoid those situations and individuals. Anything or anyone who does not support your sobriety is toxic and should be removed from your life.


Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which improves your mood and reduces cravings. It will also keep you busy and focused on something other than your cravings.

Go Holistic

Even if you are skeptical give alternative therapies a try. Meditation, acupuncture, and massage can drastically reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompanies cravings.

Seek Support

Find a friend or loved one you can confide in and ask them for help when your cravings get too intense. They will not only keep you accountable but they can give you the encouragement you need to resist your cravings.

Get Treatment

If your cravings are too strong and you fear you will use again enroll in treatment. Treatment centers can provide you with around the clock support and teach you the necessary tools to battle cravings.

And off course, abstain from all drugs and alcohol – not just cocaine. Using other substances will only make your cocaine cravings stronger.

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