5 Things You Can Learn From Recovery

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Change is possible

If there is one thing that recovery has taught us all is that people can change. That you can go from rock bottom to the best version of yourself. From being consumed by a drug to becoming a successful professional, a loving friend, and a caring family member. Change is possible, but it does not happen overnight. It takes hard work, committing to treatment, attending counseling, finding a sponsor, altering your lifestyle, and relearning how to enjoy life. It is not easy, but anytime you encounter a challenge or face a setback and feel like giving up, remember how far you have come. Change is possible, and it is worth it.

Honesty really is the best policy

Everyone has lied a time or two, but chances are there was a point during your active addiction when lying was the norm for you. Lying to strangers, acquaintances, loved ones, and even yourself helped you avoid the reality of how drugs or alcohol had negatively affected your life. But in recovery, there is no room for lies. Recovery is not about doing what is easier, it is about doing what is right. Being honest with those around you and with yourself helps you stay accountable for your actions. It also helps you strengthen positive relationships, which are essential to long-term recovery. It may be impossible to be honest all the time, but taking responsibility for any lying and making a conscious effort to be truthful is what integrity is all about.

It is OK to ask for help

You may think, “This is my problem; I have to fix it.” But there is no reason for you to carry the weight of the world all on your own. Accept that sometimes you simply cannot do it all, and you must ask for help. Asking for help can be intimidating or maybe even embarrassing, but remember that we are all human and everyone at one point or another has had to ask for some extra assistance. Know that you are not a burden and that those who offer you help genuinely want to make your life a little bit easier and happier. Accept help when you need it and give it out when you can.

Live in the present

While you cannot erase the past, you can stop focusing on it. Use your regrets, hardships, and struggles as the inspiration to become the best version of yourself. Do not let your mistakes dictate your future. Learn from them and move on to better things.

Living in the present is the key to happiness and success. Sure, challenges will come your way but staying focused on the positive things in your life will help you better handle any obstacles. Do whatever keeps you happy and healthy. It may sound cliché, but it is important to live every day to the fullest. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

Self-care is important

You know what they say, you are your own worst enemy. No one is harder on you than yourself, which is why it is important to take a step back and analyze how you are really treating yourself. Are you beating yourself up over every setback? Placing unnecessary pressure on yourself? Taking on too much at once? Sacrificing sleep? Not eating enough? If so, you need to set aside your to-do lists, meetings, and busy schedules and pencil in some time to take care of yourself. Do whatever makes you happy and helps you relax ─ eat healthy, exercise, watch your favorite show, listen to music, go on vacation, etc. Remember, self-care is crucial for your physical and mental health, so there is no good excuse for skimping out on taking care of yourself.

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