The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

December 6th, 2019

Do you have a friend or family member in recovery? Do you want to get them a gift that will not only show how much you support their decision to get clean and sober but also help them strengthen their recovery? Well, look no further! We asked over 100 people in recovery — from those in early recovery to old-timers — what the perfect recovery gift would be and compiled their responses into this handy shopping guide. 

Here are some recovery gift ideas that your loved one is sure to love:

Gifts of Positive Affirmation

Intention Bracelets

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Show your loved one that you are not only proud of their sobriety but that you also support them in achieving their goals. Intention bracelets promote clarity and serve as the fuel for turning dreams into reality. By gifting an intention bracelet, you help remind your loved one to stay focused on what they want in life and help them to move closer to where they hope to be.

You can find the featured bracelet here

Sober AF Mug

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Combine your loved one's dedication to their recovery and their love of coffee with this fun Sober AF mug. This cheeky gift will let everyone around them know how proud your loved one is to be in recovery. After all, sobriety is something that should be embraced and celebrated — much like a good cup of Joe. If you want to make the gift extra special, you can customize it with your loved one's sobriety date.

You can find the featured mug here.

Recovery Jewelry

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Are you looking for a cute and meaningful gift that not only serves as a daily reminder of your loved one's journey but also provides inspiration? If so, consider gifting them a necklace or bracelet engraved with a recovery message. This is a great, fashionable way for them to openly celebrate their recovery, and maybe even inspire others to seek help. There are several options available, but favorites in the community include “One Day at A Time” and Serenity Prayer jewelry.

You can find the featured necklace here.

Gifts for Rest and Relaxation at Home

Board Games

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

It can sometimes be challenging for people who are new to recovery to find places to hang out and have fun without running into possible triggers. Board games and puzzles are a great way for your loved one to gather friends and family together and unwind at home.  If you want your gift to be extra special, schedule a regular game night, so they have a steady commitment of safe and sober fun to look forward to. After all, is there anything better than a night spent with loved ones, board games, and pizza?

You can find the featured game here.

Coloring Books

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

It's proven; coloring books help reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. So, it’s no surprise that they’re so popular in the recovery community. There are lots of books to choose from, which means you can tailor your gift to the recipient’s personality and taste — whether they are into flowers or muscle cars. Our favorites are this Sobriety Garden Coloring Book, which is filled with AA sayings and slogans, and the Sloth Coloring Book, which has stress-relieving pictures of adorable sloths.

You can find the featured coloring book here.

Weighted Blanket

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Weighted blankets have gained popularity over recent years, and for good reason — they’re amazing. They help reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, boost mood, and relieve symptoms of PTSD (which is common among those in recovery). So, if you want to gift your loved one the equivalent of a big, warm, and comforting hug, look no further than a weighted blanket. Want to gift them a complete relaxation package? Throw in some fuzzy socks and a good book.

You can find the featured blanket here.

Gifts for Self-Care

Essential Oils

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

The benefits of essential oils are endless, which makes them the ideal gift for anyone who wants to make their well-being a priority. Introduce your loved one to the world of aromatherapy with a diffuser. Diffusers are easy to use and are available at every price point. Find one that matches the recipient’s taste (there are countless ones so that shouldn’t be difficult), and add a couple of essential oils to go with it. Our favorites are lavender, peppermint, and rosemary.

You can find the featured diffuser here.

Bath Bombs and Candles

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Finding the time to unwind and decompress from the day’s stressors is critical for everyone, especially for individuals in recovery. And few things are more relaxing than a long bubble bath, so why not help transform your loved one’s home into an oasis by surprising them a set of bath bombs and candles. You can get creative and create a customized spa gift basket by adding a loofa, some body lotion, a comfy pair of slippers, or a cozy bathrobe.

You can find the featured bath bombs here.

Wellness Gift Card

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

There are many ways to practice self-care.  If your loved one is new to recovery and needs to relearn healthy eating, get them a gift card for a cooking class. If they are constantly stressed, get them a meditation class pass so that they can recenter themselves on what's most important. Have they been talking about how they want to get back in tip-top physical shape? Get them a one month gym or yoga studio membership.  Still not sure what to get?  A spa gift certificate is always a sure win.

You can find the featured gift card here.

Gifts to Enhance Spirituality


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Crystals help to restore the flow and balance of energy in the body. While each stone has different healing properties, most crystals help promote physical and mental well-being, supply clarity, stimulate mental agility, and aid in the ability to channel your higher self. If your loved one has never dabbled with crystals, consider including the book ‘Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Getting Started with The Healing Power of Crystals’ as part of your gift. Our favorite stones are rose quartz (great for building self-esteem and healing emotional wounds), black obsidian (wards off negativity), and selenite (provides clarity of mind and instills deep peace).

You can find the featured stones here.

Smudge Kit

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Smudging is a Native American practice of burning dried herbs to create a smoke that floats throughout a space to eliminate negative energy. Because positivity is key for long-term sobriety, smudge kits are a great present for those in recovery. Smudging is simple to do, and many swear by it. Kits vary, but starter kits typically include Palo Santo, sage, and a shell.

You can find the featured smudge kit here.

Gifts that Keep Coming

Fit Lifestyle Box

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

For a loved one that likes to build mental and physical strength through fitness, this is the box for them.  Each box comes chock full of energy-boosting snacks, sports drinks, a 30 day challenge, and an inspirational t-shirt. Boxes are tailored to gender and offered in three themes: Get Lean, Get Strong, and Stay Fit.

You can find the featured wellness box here.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

Curated by therapists, each of these self-care boxes include one feel good, mood boosting activity and six to eight wellness items to help reduce stress and promote happiness. And the best part: every box has a retail value of over $100, and subscriptions start as low as $30.99. 

You can find the featured self-care box here.

Hygge Box

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

If you could put coziness and joy in a box, it would look like a Hygge Box subscription. This subscription box focuses on helping your loved one slow down, connect with others, and embrace the little things. There are two tiers, but both include hand-picked items from around the world, lights or candles, hot drinks, and indulgences such as biscuits or chocolate.

You can find the featured subscription box here.

Bonus Idea

Experiences always make for unique and memorable gifts. So why not encourage your loved one to get out of their comfort zone and try something new? Some popular choices include getting them a gift card for a pottery or painting class, a rock climbing session, or a hang gliding class. Want to gift them a super special experience? Book them an Airbnb for a relaxing weekend getaway!

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