What is Recovery Coaching?


What is Recovery Coaching? It is a program that provides those recovering from addiction with support and assistance from a certified recovery coach to safely move forward through the vulnerable time immediately following in-patient treatment.

A good recovery coach is a leader, a mentor, a partner, a therapist, a spiritual guide, and a cheerleader. They are there for you, day or night. They help you create a plan and achieve your goals. They keep you accountable. They connect you to important resources. They help you relearn how to communicate and reconnect with your family. They reintroduce you to sober fun. Having a recovery coach reduces the risk of relapse and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Recovery Coach?

Recovery coaches are certified professionals. They support individuals who are in recovery programs for addiction and help those individuals to create a recovery plan. Recovery coaches serve as mentors and cheerleaders, but are also certified to perform client intake interviews, lead group and individual sessions, and collaborate with other staff at rehab treatment facilities.

To learn more about the Recovery Coaching program, call 1-888-833-4676 or visit our Recovery Coaching Program page.

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