Why You Need Fun in Your Life

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Wake up, go to AA, work, go to counseling, eat dinner, check in with your sponsor, go to bed, repeat. That is not what life in recovery should look like. Sobriety does not have to mean monotony. Abstaining from harmful substances is not a death sentence to fun. It is an opportunity for you to rediscover yourself and the things that bring joy and purpose to your life.

During active addiction, everything took the backseat while you focused on how you’d achieve your next high. Your hobbies, goals, and aspirations were all forgotten. And while rediscovering your passions after treatment can be difficult and intimidating, it is a necessary component of long-term recovery.

Studies show that sober activities are an important part of addiction recovery because these activities fill in the time and energy previously taken for substance misuse. Without sober fun, you may be left with a sense of absence, a void. It can often cause you to romanticize your addiction, making you forget how it negatively affected your life and miss the “good times.”

A sober life lacking in fun is likely to lead to boredom, depression, irritability, and anger ─ all of which increase your risk of relapse. Because of this it is important to incorporate fun, sober activities into your life.

Benefits of Sober Fun Activities

  • They are a great way to destress and relax.
  • They allow you to meet other people with similar interests.
  • They can help you develop new skills.
  • They can serve as a creative outlet.
  • They’re fun!

When incorporating sober fun activities into your life think about what you enjoyed prior to your addiction and start by reigniting your interest in those hobbies. There are countless pastimes you can partake in, so do not be afraid to try something new until you find the right hobby for you. And remember, sober events such as sober dance parties and sober dinner cruises are a great way to meet new people and discover a new interest, all while having fun.

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