Addiction impacts every aspect of your life, including your finances. Learn about the financial effects and what you can do to fix damages incurred.
Addiction Treatment

How to Pay for Rehab

Figuring out how to pay for addiction treatment can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you get started and on your way to recovery.

How to Have Your Best Year Yet

You know what we’re talking about ⎼ that gym membership you pay for but never use, that old car you were going to fix up but never did, those meatless Mondays that never happened. Well, it’s time to stop saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” and start acting today.

How do I explain an employment gap in my resume due to my drug addiction?

Knowing how to address employment gaps due to addiction can be confusing. Learn how to reenter the interviewing process with confidence.
Drug Addiction

The Real Cost of Addiction

Discussing addiction in the workplace might be taboo, but with the increasing economical toll that it is taking we can no longer ignore it.

Addiction & Recovery: Real Talk on Talking About Your Recovery on the Job

In this video, clinician Whitney Balliet offers advice on individuals sharing their recovery status with their employers.

More Money, More Problems? How to Manage Your Finances in Recovery

Individuals in recovery may struggle to manage their money effectively because any extra money they had during active use went toward drugs or alcohol. These budgeting tips can help.
Family Wellness

Avoiding Holiday Stress for Your Recovery

The holidays can be a hectic time that brings added pressures for people in recovery. Learn about common stress triggers and how to stay committed to your sobriety year-round.