How to Build an At-Home Wellness Retreat

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Where do you go when it seems like you can’t go anywhere!? I know I have been struggling lately with feeling stuck, sometimes stuck in a gloomy mood (often reflecting that of the northeastern weather this time of year), in need of a change of pace or scenery, but then am hit with the realization that options for adventure are somewhat limited. What can I do when I may not be able to attend my favorite yoga studio, see my acupuncturist as often as I would like, or go to the gym (because even if it is open, those reserved spots fill up fast)? Here are some simple ideas that might support you in taking some you time. So, put down the laundry, step away from the computer, and go on your very own wellness retreat without leaving home.

Make yourself a ‘Cozy Corner’

If you are limited in space, perhaps find a little nook in your home where you can arrange your favorite chair or a plethora of your favorite pillows. This space can be where you come to curl up with a good book or sit for even just 5 minutes to close your eyes, pause, and reconnect with your breath. Create a space that when you see it, you can’t wait to spend a few moments there. Maybe incorporate a few of your favorite plants, a fresh-smelling candle or incense, bring some of your favorite art, or perhaps a small sentimental trinket to keep in the space with you.

Create your ‘Personal Empowerment Playlist’

Log on to your favorite music streaming app (or go old school and make a CD or even a cassette tape!) and start pulling together your favorite feel-good, energy-enhancing songs to create a powerful playlist! Find songs with words that affirm your greatness, lift you up and leave you feeling on top of the world. If the spirit moves you, have your own mini dance party! (You can LITERALLY dance like no one is watching!)

Love Letters

Perhaps throughout this past year or so, you’ve gotten back into writing snail mail! Instead of writing to those you love, have you ever written a love letter to yourself? Take a few moments to sit down (maybe in your “cozy corner”) to write a letter of appreciation to yourself. What would you thank your mind for? What would you thank your body for? What would you thank your spirit for? Take some time to pour love and appreciation back into the person who needs to hear it the most: you.

Book Buddies

Maybe you’ve finally been able to blaze through some of that book list you have been meaning to tackle for years. But we can learn even more from a good book when we share it with others. Invite some buddies to start a virtual book club. Together, pick a self-development book to read through together, and pick a time to meet virtually to discuss things that resonated with you, things that were challenging, or “aha!” moments.

Make Moves

It is so easy to come up with a million excuses as to why we can’t do something – but start looking for ways you can do something. Can’t get to the yoga studio or gym? There are so many ways to get moving in your own home – even if you don’t have any equipment! In a pinch, I have had people use various items they have found in their homes for weights, been creative with incorporating furniture into their workouts (so long as it is sturdy!), and even get their kids involved.

What are some things that have supported your wellness throughout this time? Hopefully, some of these suggestions spark your own ideas and creative outlets! Even though there are lots of ways to nurture yourself at home, when the weather and social distancing circumstances allow, try to find a place where you can bring some of these practices outside! Nothing supports your wellness like fresh air and sunshine, even if just for a few moments a day. Feel free to share these ideas with the other support systems in your lives, as we all need to make our well-being a priority. When we serve ourselves, we are then better able to serve one another.

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