The Institute for Expressive Analysis Presents a Creative Seminar Meeting with Dr. Arthur Robbins Ed.D., ATR and Discussant President of IEA Dr. Robert Irwin Wolf, LP, LCAT, ATR-BC.

Arthur Robbins is the Founding Director, IEA; Faculty NPAP and IEA; private practice; author of six books and numerous articles.

Event details:

DATE: Sunday, March 8, 2020 

TIME: 1:00 PM -3:00 PM

COST: This event is free.

Infant child studies and brain research indicate that treatment can be viewed as a ‘body to body’ engagement. Working through a dual level of consciousness transforms sensory motor/cognitive contact into a deep and multi-level therapeutic experience. Through dramatic role play we will demonstrate this process. Neurological research and infant child studies stress the importance of non-verbal parent -child communication. From this experience, therapists develop an integrated form of interaction with patients that has both verbal and nonverbal characteristics. In therapy, the vehicles for communications are sensory motor vibrations that profoundly modify these developmental issues. In treatment, we learn to integrate verbal and non-verbal contact that becomes a transformative art in working with such issues as trauma, contact anxiety and the process of separation. Role playing will take place to illustrate the above issues.

Dr. Robbins has 66 years of clinical experience. He is Professor Emeritus of Creative Art Therapy at Pratt Institute and teaches at NPAP and IEA. He has been awarded for his accomplishments in teaching and vision in the broad area of psychoanalysis and the arts. He currently conducts counter-transference groups that have influenced the work of countless therapists. He is also a sculptor as well as a husband and father of three children and six grandchildren.

Participants will be able to:

Learning Objectives 1 – Identify principles about non-verbal communication. 2 – Describe one or more ways of how neurological research stresses the importance of non-verbal parent-child communication. 3 – Identify methods to utilize therapist’s emotional resources to meet this new demand of non-verbal dialogue.

There will be 2 CE’s offered for LP’s, LCAT’s, LMSW’s, LCSW’s. Proof of attendance provided for all others. It is the responsibility of the participant seeking CE credits to comply with requirements. Upon completion, a certificate of attendance will be emailed to all participants.

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